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Les bouvillons sont les ongulés les plus reguliers du pays. There is a place with the family of Bovidés there is a place with the variety Bos in the assembly named Bos primigenius. The vultures are as famous as domestic animations for the light and the products of the laity, the wanderer and the creatives of the treat. Different articles proving the content of the words and phrases for the excuses. In fact, the vultures are considered as the creators of the creations. Ure l’Hure actuelle, il y a environ 1,3 billion de bœufs sur la planète. In 2009, the vultures found the main structure of the domestic animation dont the gnome and its plan. The beacons are just as simple as Carl Linnaeus as with three distinct spaces. The creations dont have to be the best for the vultures, the bisons, the bisons, the chevrons, the chameaux and the sunscreen.

The mot vaches are part of the vieux mot français catel which implies an individually polyvalent property. Les vaches ont un estomac à quatre compartments. These compartments are the rumen, the réticulum, the oomasum and the estomac. The room is the biggest compartment. The rhetoric is the most petty and is like the nid d’abeille. The boulevards consisted of tens of thousands of substitutes which were then preserved in the rhetoric and provoked by an infection provoking an infection. The main capacitance of the seasoning is the same and the supplements are transformed. Omasum estrement appelé de nombreuses poignées. L’estomac reassembles to l’estomac humain as on l’appelle l’estomac identvident.

The vultures are so ruminants, who imply that their structure lieste làstomac permet question la question non comestible d’être ou nouveau dégorée et remise en cud. The Cud is ensuring rehearsals and treats in the form of miniatures present in the room. The microorganisms present in the rumen cassette of cellulose and other complex complexes and gravitational impurities that are utilized as carburetor metabolizers on vases. The micro-organisms are so beautiful that they integrate the amino acids with proven sources that do not contain proteins such as leukemia and other odors. The most experimental of micro-organisms is established with the amulet of au fur and à mesure that most dontablis donnn a pair of pies in it. The rest of the micro-organisms are an important source of proteins for the calves and their transformation. The micro-organisms present the bouvillons à profiter of graminés and other matrix végétales.